EntertheBoneJoint is my “play on words” blog-site to share my Arthritis story and my life in general, as I live each day with Post-traumatic Spinal Osteoarthritis and several other forms of Autoimmune Arthritis. Join my on my journey as I promote my platform Arthritis Awareness: All FLARED Up and focus on Fundraising for Arthritis Non-Profit Organizations, Living with Arthritis, Advocacy at the local, state, and federal government levels, Researchers finding innovative treatments for the 100+ forms of Arthritis, Educating others about important Arthritis Information, and Determining the best ways to share Arthritis Awareness. Please Like a blog or  Comment if you would like to. Let me know what you would like to read about as you “EntertheBone- Joint” to read my blogs.I also look forward to sharing my adventures in fundraising as a #CureArthritis Ambassador for the Arthritis National Research Foundation, Long Beach, CA, @cure arthritis, and writing about my travels as an Ambassador and Advocate for the Arthritis Foundation, Atlanta, GA.

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