Arthritis Awareness

Welcome from Angie Russell Irvin!! ☆Mrs. Gulf States International 2017☆ ☆Ambassador–Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF)(

I am so excited that you decided to “Enter-the-BoneJoint.” You have located a place of solitude for the entire Arthritis & Autoimmune Disease Community, which highlights blog chatting, introspection, laughter, and lifting one another up on a daily basis. Together we will focus on Arthritis Awareness, Advocacy, Education, Fundraising, and Research. We will use our written words to keep personal and individual Monthly Arthritis Question and Answer Blog Journals. In the “BoneJoint,” each of us will also find the freedom to share our Arthritis Journeys, always remebering to be respectful and encouraging BECAUSE we share a common bond–we live daily with one or several kinds of Arthritis and/or Autoimmune Diseases.

I will often use this blog site and my posts to promote the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF), also known as My hope is that you will join the CREW of and search through the ANRF website to find your place as a #CureArthritis supporter.  The “BoneJoint” welcomes your support of the (ANRF) in their mission “to provide initial research funding to brilliant, investigative scientists with new ideas to cure arthritis and related autoimmune diseases.” (

Imagine a world without any form of Arthritis?! Wow! No more doctor visits, daily medication doses, painful shots, intravenous medicine, trips to the ER far too many times, endless Hospital mini-stays, or Chronic Physical Pain that is indescribable. How about NEVER hearing those phrases that we smile through even in our worst pain, such as “but you don’t look sick,” or “your making this all up in your head.”

I am asking you to join me on a year long exploration and introspection of your Arthritis  Journey, while we work as a team to show the wellness community, medical practitioners of all kinds, and strangers, friends and family that the time has come to share Arthritis Awareness with others, and to become leaders in the #CureArthritis movement, on good days or bad.

Thank you for choosing to “Enter-the-BoneJoint.” I believe that this can be a teaching and a learning experience for each of us, as we discuss the silly to significant issues that affect the Arthritis Community, as we laugh and cry together, and as we champion Arthritis Awareness, along with the outstanding work of the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) , “the only charity solely focused on funding Arthritis Research to cure arthritis.” ( #CureArthritis #Racin4aCure #Donate

–Jeremiah 29:11



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