Every other month, beginning in the second week of November 2016, I will begin posting either a Monthly Day by Day Question/Answer Calendar or a Monthly Photo Calendar.

You can follow this blog site to learn more about my connection to Arthritis by reading my brief answers to the monthly questions or viewing my photos that show up daily on a specific month’s blog page.

I am asking that those of you who follow my blog, to participate with me by putting your answers on your Instagram or Facebook social media pages, or both Instagram and Facebook, if you have the time.

I will also try to post my answers and photos on my Instagram profile and/or my Mrs. Gulf States International 2017 Public Facebook page. If we let the world know about our journeys with Arthritis and share our trials and our triumphs, I believe that we can help other become more aware about the 100+ forms of Arthritis and how Arthritis affects our lives.

Please Participate. I will use my Mrs. Gulf States International 2017 Facebook page and my @mrsgulfstatesintl2017 Instagram profile sites to remind you of the Months that we will be answering questions or using photographs to help others learn more about how Arthritis impacts our lives in significant ways.

Angie Irvin
Mrs. Gulf States International 2017
Cure Arthritis Ambassador-Arthritis National Research Foundation @curearthritis
National Ambassador and Advocate- Arthritis Foundation